High Heels in Highschool?


Lets be honest, high school is a popularity contest. I would love to deny it as much as the next person, but I won’t because I speak the truth and only the truth. Ahem, sorry for that.

Because school is a popularity contest, clothes, while important to most people to be covered and warm, is important to high schoolers because they hope to be deemed “cool” if they are wearing whatever everyone else is.

I’ll be completely honest, I get dressed up for school. There are girls who wear their yoga pants and Uggs everyday, but I am not one of those girls.  I wear skirts, blouses, and, yes, heels.


My favorite pair of heels to wear to school are very similar to these ankle boots from Forever 21, except mine are leather and by Madden Girl. The heel is thick and not too high, and they look casual, not too dressy.


Its the age-old question, “Is it okay for girls to wear heels in high school?” Well, I don’t care if its deemed okay by society, God, or whoever. As long as your school doesn’t rule against it, I say wear whatever the hell you want. So if someone were to ask me the question, this would be my answer:

“I think its totally fine to wear heels to school, but I think that there are guidelines that should be followed.”

Let me elaborate…

What’s NOT okay:


These spiked heels are super cute, but a little too much for school. The spikes would most likely get you in trouble, because they definitely not aloud in my school. These heels are also really high and your feet would probably start really hurting your after a few hours of walking.


Same thing, another super cute pair of heels. I would totally wear these, just not to school. I think that these are just a tiny bit on the sexy side, and would probably get super uncomfortable by third period.

What IS okay:


A cute pair of wedges are perfect for school. I think that wedges are much more comfortable and a billion times easier to walk in than stiletos. Another thing that makes them easier to walk in is the platform. The fun geometric pattern on the wedge of this pair is a great detail that make them unique.


These wedges are great because they have an ankle strap. The ankle strap is great because they give you the added confidence when you are walking in them. You don’t have to worry about your feet slipping out of them in the middle of the hallway. The fun color and peep toe is perfect for the upcoming spring season as well.


A bootie is also always a great option. These kind of look like a work boot and are super casual because of it. The rubber bottom keep you from slipping around and the lower, thick heel keep your feet supported and comfy throughout the day.


These little lace-up, cut-out heels are super cute. They are, much like the other ones, super casual. The lace-up front keep the shoes on you feet and not flying through the air. The heel is thicker and lower for super-support, and the cut-out details make them feminine.

So here is your school heel check list to keep in mind when you are shopping for some new kicks:



-Low, thick heel

-Ankle strap

-Lace-up front

-Rubber bottom

Here’s the catch…

I did say that these are guidlines you should follow…emphasis on the “guidlines” and” should.”

I don’t dress like everyone else. I’m not super different, but I am a little bit more risky then other people. I am all for wearing what you feel most like yourself in. So am I saying that you need to go buy one of those pairs of shoes and wear them? No. I am saying you should base your choices on them. But there ARE people who will disagree and say that it is okay to wear the heels that I said you shouldn’t wear to school. And there ARE people who are going to say you shouldn’t wear any heels at all. But YOU need to make your own choices. These are just my suggestions.

Like I said, if you see a pair you like, click it. You can go buy it from Forever 21.

I hope this helped some people if they were having the heel dilemma. When I’m in doubt about shoes, I always reach for my nude flats…they are seriously my favorite pair of shoes.


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