High-End Makeup vs. Drugstore


We all have our favorite makeup brand. For me? Its NYX. You seriously can’t compare the quality for the price. Price is a huge factor when it comes to beauty products. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to fork out $28 on a blush.

I own a variety of high-end and drugstore makeup brands. I cannot say that one is better than the other. It honestly has to do with each and every individual product.

For example, I use Stila’s One-Step makeup. At its release, it had a pretty steep price of $44. Of course, its discontinued and I get it off the internet for much cheaper. But it is a greta product, and I would DEFINITELY pay the $44 for it. But I also own Stila’s tinted moisturizer, and I don’t think its worth the $34 its priced at. Its an okay product, but not worth it.

Take e.l.f. for example as well. They are a cheap makeup brand that can be purchased at Target or eyeslipsface.com. I have tried their Studio concealer palette, and it really isn’t even worth the $3 you pay. Its greasy and cakey and the colors are unnatural. But, in comparison, e.l.f.’s studio brush line are literally some of the best brushes I have ever used.


Of course, going to Sephora always allows you to swatch and try out products before buying them, where as drugstore products you’re taking your chance at them. Look for samples in magazines of drugstore products to ry them out before buying.

In the end, it isn’t always about “You get what you pay for”. Sometimes its true, other times its not. But if you truly love a product and you think it can change your makeup routine, sometimes it may be worth the money.

What do you think? Is high end really better than drugstore? Or is it not worth the money?


2 thoughts on “High-End Makeup vs. Drugstore

  1. I agree with you, it all depends on what you are getting. Some drugstore things are just as good, if not even better than high end products, AND they save me so much money. I also think many of the high-end priducts are over-priced and you are just paying for a “name”. Great post! 🙂

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