I know you don’t want excuses…

…but I have been too busy to post. I have started another class recently and I have been feeling much better and have been going out more. I am going back to school in march đŸ™‚

I have started eating A LOT better. Its so wonderful to be able to eat fruits and vegetables again! I also started walking at least three times a week.  Today I walked about 3.2 miles to and from my friends house. I walked one mile near the canal the other day. The water is so blue!

photo (2)

I typically walk 3 miles to and from the beach though. I love walking in my favorite place, with the salty air and all the little shops. The other day I saw them working on the beach.


I also have a little more news for you guys…

I wasn’t sure about it at first, because I wasn’t feeling so great about the way I look, but as I lose weight and it gets closer, I have made my decision…


Yes, I have a date, and I will give you more updates. I am going dress shopping with my friends Saturday. Its been a dramatic decision but I’ve made it and I’m happy with it! Its the second week of May which is super close but also so far!


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