Stupid Teenage Stuff

My mom spent her summers up at the lake, in the backwoods. So I laugh because I hear all these crazy stories of things my mom used to do when she was young, like playing tag in cornfields and crashing quads and riding bikes off ramps into the lake.  I didn’t grow up in the backwoods like she did, so I don’t get to do those things. I live at the beach, so my sense of stupid kid stuff is different. My stupid? Running on the jetty in the dark.


Okay this is an aerial picture of the shore. Manasquan is towards the north, Point is towards the south. I was on the point side. You can see the inlet separates the two, it leads from the bay to the ocean. Lining each side of the inlet are huge manmade jettys. They’re so big because of the water level difference between the inlet and the ocean. When you’re going out into the ocean its like heading into a wall of water. So gigantic jettys are necessary.


This is a beautiful picture of what the jetty looks like in the light daytime, a bunch of rocks, then concrete, with these weird ass looking rock things that remind me a jacks that people used to play with back in the day that keep water from running onto the beach.


This is what the jetty looks like in the dark MWAHAHAHA. Scary right?

image image(1)

And that’s me looking really stupid trying to hop the nine foot high fence keeping people from getting on the jetty.

That night was a lot of fun. I made an idiot out of myself when a cute boy who works at the boardwalk tried to get my attention by speaking through a speaker. That’s another story for another day. It was a nice way to kick off the summer though.

26stop.span Point-Pleasant-Beach

The Jersey Shore is back though, baby. And this summer is gonna be a great one. Can’t wait!


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