How much should we care about what guys think of us?

I’m talking women of all ages. I get up every morning, and curl my hair and put on a full fake of makeup so I can feel good about myself.

My daily routine includes foundation, concealer, dark bronzey-brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, powder, bronzer, blush, brows. Seems like a lot just to please myself. I started thinking what would happen if a tried a little less makeup…

Today I tried something a little different today. Foundation, a little concealer, nude eyeshadow, tightliner (not on the actual eyelid, just along the inner lashline, see here), shorter lashes, a little bronzer, and some blush. I felt no different. So that problem has been solved.

But here is the kick, I found myself looking at hair colors. I have a naturally ashy blonde, REAL ashy, dyed golden blonde right now, looking to go darker. I had intended on going dark red, like I did last year for the fall. I like the red because it makes me stand out, it makes me different. But I found myself on an article claiming that red-haired girls seem less approachable to men than brunettes, so I began thinking “Oh crap, I don’t want to look that way to guys..” and began searching for brown hair colors. It also stated that blondes seem more high-maintenance. Do I seem high maintenance? Then there comments about guys liking the natural look, so I was like thank god I went natural today! Then I started thinking about how fake my hair could possibly look, and how guys don’t like fake-looking girls and it all spiraled into me wishing I looked like a goddess having to do ANYTHING. And it got me thinking, should I honestly care about what guys think of me?


I’m gonna be super honest here…believe it or notNO.

Wow, shocker! Looks aren’t everything, an age old saying being put to use once again. But I’m go at the explanation a little differently.

Imagine two shirts, completely plain white tee-shirts. One is wrinkly and one is nice and ironed, wrinkle free. Which one are you gonna choose? The ironed one of course!

Now take that same white tee shirt, dye it bright pink and start sewing gems, and trim, and lace onto it. But what happened? It doesn’t even look like a white tee shirt anymore, you say?


This philosophy applies to girls as well. Cleaning yourself up IS GOOD. Please, brush your teeth, keep your hair tidy, even put a little bit of powder on your face to even your skin tone. But if you are getting to the point that you are masking yourself so much to the point that you don’t even look like yourself anymore, are you putting on makeup to feel confident or hide something?

Like I said previously, I dye my hair red because I stand out with it. But I don’t even really look like myself anymore with it. Same thing with the makeup, I don’t look real.

A very inspiring girl named Ingrid Nilsen once said…


Makeup is meant to highlight your features, make your natural beauty stand out, not hide what you truly look like. 

p.s. My sister fought this philosophy with the concept of concealer. I told her concealing your blemishes isn’t going to make your big brown eyes look duller, but rimming them with thick black eyeliner is.  

So, ladies, I leave you with this: confidence is the sexiest thing a women can wear, and paired with natural beauty, you’ll be a heartbreaker in no time.

I decided I am going to dye my hair an ashy brown, like my natural ashy blonde but a few shades darker. I am going to make an honest attempt at wearing less makeup everyday (save me some time to sleep!) and focus more on my smile.


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