Happy 2014!

Hey there followers, long time no talk! Ha, I am sorry for that. School activities became hectic. When was the last time I posted, early October? Lets see what gone on since then…

I joined crew for the competition band at my school. I followed them to football games and competitions all over the state. I also got to stand on a famous NFL field for nationals.


I also auditioned for my school’s spring musical, I got a part! I had a lovely Christmas and vacation from school. I went up to the lakehouse for a few days.



But other than that nothing much has happened. I just started school again and now its time to finish all those college applications and start practice for the musical. Jumping back into the craziness I guess. But I would love to start posting on this blog more often.

Also, I hope you like the makeover Kate Everyday got! The background was made by Wendy at tinysea.net. Click the link to her website to check the free chevron background out, she has it made in a million colors and, once again, it’s FREE!



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