New hair color, Getting in shape for Prom, and Gossip Girl

Hey everyone! So I wanted to give you guys a little summary of how my weekend has went. I finally feel better, I was fighting a nasty cold that started messing with my stomach. I missed three days of school last week UGH.

I dyed my hair on Saturday. Yes, those roots are GONE. I went from my golden blonde to a dark brown with reddishs-gold undertones. It came out darker than I expected, but I LOVE it. (Before on left, after on right)

IMG_4045brunette selfie

I also decided I am going to start shaping up for prom. Yes, I’m ACTUALLY going to go this year. I went for a run to the beach today. I ate my healthy crab cake recipe for dinner (get the recipe HERE) tonight and I plan to take the 30 day squat challenge, and keep going with it. I heard it slims thighs and tones other parts of your body so I am excited to see results. I also started an affordable teeth whitening regimen, which I will make a post about soon. I began the mad hunt for the perfect dress as well. I never thought I would like white dresses, but I seem to have fell in love with one from Nordstrom. Looks like I am going to have to break out the gradual self-tanner (can you tell I’ve already started LOL).  Oh and the date part…RIGHT.

I’ve also spent a large chunk of my weekend pumping out episodes of Gossip Girl. My inner white-girl is coming out and I love it. When do I become Blair Waldorf and where can I find my own Chuck Bass?

Expect posts coming this week on top products in my makeup arsenal and more!


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